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Amazed Rugs & Wall Hangings

In 1992 Madeleine Edwards started a company AMAZED Ltd. Her partner Dudley joined three years later. Together they designed and produced rugs and wall hangings that were different from that of other producers in that their products are considered as fine art.

“Original and beautiful works of art and could well be antiques of the future.” – Sotheby’s Exhibition Organizer                                           

“Artists Madeleine and Dudley Edwards years ago did something amazing they reinvented the rug.” – Laura Blair, Editor ‘Interior Global News Update’

“These sculpted masterpieces are truly innovative.” – ‘Models Own’                                                                                                                                          

“Madeleine and Dudley Edwards transform rugs into sculpted masterpieces.” – Telegraph magazine

“The ‘rug’ in their case is sculptured and textured and altogether an applied fine art.” – Contract Furnishings Magazine                                                                                                      

“Their images transcend the space and take on a monumental scale…” – Alexander Gelman ‘Subtraction’ Aspects of Essential Design’

 As applied artists they enjoy the opportunity of working with Interior Designers and Architects.

“Bouncing ideas back and forth can be fertile ground bearing rich fruit. We often feel like session musicians being invited to jam. And like any good session musicians the first attribute is a willingness to ‘listen’ to what others are trying to achieve and to respond accordingly, whilst bringing something ‘uniquely ours’ to the mix. Reacting positively to other people’s creations can serve as a metaphorical springboard helping us to achieve greater heights. This symbiosis can bring about something entirely new that wouldn’t have been possible from working in isolation. For our modus operandi – we always aim to harmonise or contrast with the surrounding architecture thereby ensuring that our artwork would be an integral/indivisible part of the whole. There are times when our rugs or wall hangings are intended to play the star role as the main feature in an interior. However, there are other occasions when the requirements are for a more supporting role as a backdrop to other highlights i.e., to act as a bass to the fiddle, not competing for the spotlight”. – Dudley Edwards

In turn, Interior Designers and Architects view their rugs and wall hangings (with the tactile soft warmth and sound insulating properties) as ideal compliments to today’s hard cold surfaces like laminates, glass, steel, marble and stone.

“For something truly spectacular try one of the innovative designs by Amazed, believe us they are stunning.” – ‘Living etc’

“Exceptional sculpted wall hangings from the company who has been dazzling the cognoscenti and the contract industry. This company has been specified by the good the great and the famous, so famous in fact that their work is featured by the celebrities of ‘Hello’ magazine as well as the best of the A & D community. It’s easy to see how compelling these images are. The scale alone makes them striking, but it’s the content which stops you in your tracks.” – Contract Furnishing’ magazine.

“Epitome of Bond-style chic” –  ‘OK magazine’

“These sculpted masterpieces are a truly innovative and ground breaking marriage of material and design.” – ‘Models Own’

“Their controlled draughtsmanship is ideally suited to today’s uncluttered interiors.” – Homes & Antiques’

“Their images transcend the space of the interior and take on a confusingly monumental scale.” – Alexander Gelman ‘Subtraction’ Aspects of Essential Design.

“Extraordinary designs” – Tamsin Blanchard’

“These exquisite rugs are in some of the world’s best homes”. “Commissions like these and their corporate work have made them one of the most sought-after rug makers in the world.” – Yorkshire Post’

“The unique wall-hanging inspired by the riverscape serves as a striking, attention-grabbing focal point.” – Essential Kitchen Bathroom Bedrooms Magazine’

“Amazed is a truly dynamic company. Amazed the company you want to keep. They’re striking, exciting and very unusual, make no mistake you notice them. These wall hangings are memorable. The ‘rug’ is sculptured and textured and altogether an applied fine art. What you see is a perfectly executed artwork. Despite rugs and wall hangings being part of interior design for thousands of years, the brand new and radical element is seeing these rugs and carpets with the sculptural effect, similar to that of the stone and marble carvings, where great depth is suggested within several inches.” – ‘Contract Furnishing’ magazine.

“Amazed produced three rugs for Sotheby’s. I was delighted with the outcome. Their results were really original and beautiful works of art. Each rug was rich in colour, witty in design and could well be an antique of the future.” – Rachael Barraclough: Sotheby’s Exhibition Organizer.

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